24th  East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition


10 October 2015

EMITT has become a Turkish Brand Name

EMITT has now become a brand name for Turkey and is becoming a market with high priority. Hacer Aydin who stated that they’re organizing EMITT Tourism Exhibition for the 20th time this year stated that the event makes significant contribution to the development of tourism industry in Turkey and because of this the State gives big support to it and that the event has almost become a brand name product for Turkey. As one of the world’s top 5 five tourism exhibitions, EMITT Tourism Exhibition, which is organized by ITE Turkey, will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year.

ITE Turkey Tourism, Travel, Fashion Group Director Hacer Aydin stated that that they organized the first exhibition 20 years ago with only 8 countries, and they aim to bring 80 countries this year and that their new slogan is ‘from 8 to 80 countries with EMITT”. Aydin stated that EMITT made significant contributions to the development of the tourism industry in Turkey and that the State has always supported them because of this. Aydin said “We have very good relations with our Ministry of Tourism. They back EMITT really well. And that makes us so happy. For the last 4-5 years, the Ministry of Tourism has been providing us with a special stand for the last 4-5 years. They see EMITT as their own event. Similarly, Turkish Airlines provides great support too.”. Aydin indicated that Turkey is not dependent on a single market and said “This is very important. Turkey has a lot of alternative markets. Europe has started to open itself to different markets. And in that sense, Turkey is one of the markets with priority. And that finds its reflections on EMITT directly”.

Aydin also stated that the political and economic crisis taking place in Middle East and Russia have had some negative impact on their business and said “At the same time, there’s a lot of good developments taking place. Turkey is now the number one market in countries where it was once the number two market. There’s increasing interest to Turkish market from Far East, African and Latin American countries. We’ve lost a couple of countries in the Middle East. But that happened not only to EMITT but to all tourism fairs around the world. However, Turkey demonstrates a very sustainable picture both in the economic and political sense. Except for the developments that have taken place for the last couple of months, Turkey has been performing really well. Thus, Turkey has had a really good tourism season.”

Having had two elections in 2015 and the crisis in Russia had a negative influence on the sector but that will not go on forever. Thus, I believe that 2016 will be a better year. Despite all the negative things that have taken place this year, we have more participant companies than last year. If these things hadn’t taken place we would have had hard time finding additional exhibition halls. We believe there would be more participation after the elections. Everybody’s talking about EMITT in their offices. So EMITT is no longer just our event. It has become a brand name product for Turkey.”

Aydin stated that with EMITT, holiday resorts are now able promote their tourism potential better and they have a very special place in EMITT. Aydin continued as follows “We have more and more holiday resorts joining the event. We advise them to promote their facilities more effectively. We ask them to promote them in packages. We tell them to hire stand hosts and hostesses who can speak foreign languages. And they put our recommendations into practice right away.” Aydin stated that they’ve placed more emphasis on health tourism, which they included in their event in recent years and added that winter tourism as well has a very special place in EMITT. Aydin also mentioned that they’ve started focusing more also on the hotels industry and that EMITT now features more participant companies that supply products for hotels.

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