23rd  East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition


19 November 2015

Iranian market to compensate for the loss from Russia

Tourism sector has started reaping the benefits of the meeting held between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Iranian President Hasan Ruhani in July. Following the signs of cooperation in tourism given by both leaders after the meeting, Ministry of Tourism of Iran under the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Path, announced its participation at EMITT- East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition that will be held between 28-31 January. 

ITE Turkey Tourism, Travel and Fashion Group Director Hacer Aydin stated that years later, there’s participation at the ministry level and said “That is an indicator that our tourism business with Iran will continue to grow. Iranian market will compensate for the loss from Russia in 2016. Number of tourists from Russia has decreased by 20% during the first 9 months of this year.


Aydin stated that more Iranians are traveling abroad after the removal of embargo, and said “I believe number of Iranian tourists will increase by 100%.”. Aydin also said that an average tourist spends 700 USD per visit and that an Iranian tourist spends 3 times as much. Iran ranks 46th in the world in terms of number of foreign tourists.

Source: Sabah