Digitalized tourism industry is growing at EMITT

Interview with Tatilsepeti General Manager Koray Küçükyılmaz

Founded in 2002, Tatilsepeti is one of the leading online travel agencies in Turkey. The web site is one of successful examples of digital transformation in travel purchasing with its offerings including thousands of hotels worldwide, inbound and outbound plane tickets, cruises, car rental services and corporate travel services.

We spoke to Koray Küçükyılmaz, the General Manager of Tatilsepeti, about tourism industry and why they choose EMITT for their business.

Can you tell us why you have been exhibiting at EMITT?
We have been participating at EMITT both as an exhibitor and a sponsor for many years. It is a crucial exhibition since it is the meeting point for all stakeholders of the industry. We get the opportunity to advance our business by gathering with both local and international participants. It’s not possible to come together with this many stakeholders at the same time. We are happy to exhibit at EMITT because of these and many other similar reasons.

Who are you planning to meet at the exhibition?
As Tatilsepeti, we are listing more than 4,000 hotels on our web site and we are continuously increasing this number. At the exhibition, our target in our initial plan is to come together with these stakeholders of ours. Apart from this, there are always new developments in tourism technologies, and new companies come up with new solutions. Getting together with these companies is also important to us.

What are your thoughts around EMITT and what are your expectations from it?
EMITT is the leading tourism exhibition in the region and it’s time honored. It’s increasing the number of exhibitors every year.  We appreciate the efforts being made in this regard. Our expectations from the exhibition are higher this year. I expect this edition to be one where we’ll both discuss the effects of the pandemic and peel off from its negative effects. Because of these, I reckon the interest will be higher.

Why should industry professionals visit EMITT?  
The opportunity to be able to find this many companies in one place is only possible at an exhibition like EMITT. Therefore, I think it’s absolutely beneficial for professionals to attend.

Tourism industry is one of the hardest-hit industries from the pandemic. In what ways do you think EMITT will help you and the industry in general?
The pandemic caused us big problems. With those, it also taught us a lot. There have been some industrial changes post-pandemic. There have been some differentiations in consumer preferences. We are all trying to adapt to these changes. We are trying to develop strategies to do our businesses better and cohesively with new conditions. The most crucial benefit of EMITT will be the fact that it will give us the chance to come together in this changing and renewing order and share our experiences face-to-face.

What are your insights, expectations and forecasts for the industry in Turkey and the world for this year?
2021 has been the year of partial normalization during the pandemic. The public tested what kind of precautions they can travel with. 2021 has also been the year where mass vaccination efforts started. I expect next year to be a time where the effects of the pandemic lessen and people’s motivation to travel increases even more. I think especially international travels will increase drastically. I think it will be a time where the effects of the pandemic completely go away with regards to domestic travels. 2022 will be the year that will mark the beginning of post-pandemic travelling.

If you’re looking to grow your brand, gain new clients and boost your visibility on the market, EMITT 2022 is your chance. Contact us today to discuss your participation options.