EMITT opened its doors for the 24th time!

One of the top four tourism exhibitions in the world, 24th East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition, EMITT 2020 has opened its doors on January 30.

At the exhibition, which can be visited between January 30 – February 2, exhibitors from around the world, hosted tour operators and industry stakeholders will discuss current topics in the industry while destinations from around the world are promoted.

Talking about EMITT in the opening day of the exhibition, Turkish Tourism Investors Association Board Member Yalçın Aydın said, “EMITT, which is competing with leading tourism exhibitions in the world and hosting record number of tour operators, contributes hugely to our country’s tourism every year. EMITT has become a tourism phenomenon in the world.”

Including some of the top tourist destinations in the world, China, Mexico and Germany, 24th EMITT is bringing together different countries from around the world like Lebanon, Serbia, England, North Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Dubai, Japan, Lithuania, South Korea, Indonesia, Chile, India, Croatia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Guinea, Nepal, Mongolia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Algeria and Brazil. Destinations will introduce and promote their geographical features, historical and cultural attractions, cuisines and folklores throughout the exhibition. 

You can visit EMITT on January 30-February 2. Register today to attend the exhibition for free.
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