Exhibitor case study: Georgian National Tourism Administration

Georgia is a key destination for tourists in Turkey and the surrounding region. Having always been a favourite, the visa-free regime between Turkey and Georgia introduced in 2010 helped increase popularity among Turkish tourists. In fact, in 2017 it was the no.1 destination for Turkish tourists, and was the second most popular in 2018.

We spoke to Ana Labadze, Chief Specialist in the Brand Development Department, Georgian National Tourism Administration at EMITT 2019 to find out more about their show experience at EMITT this year and how it benefits them.

Why did you decide to take part in EMITT this year and what are your objectives?

Turkey is our neighbouring country and our neighbouring countries are our main target markets so that’s why we’ve been participating in EMITT every year for many years now.

Who are you looking to meet at the show?

The general public to showcase our tourist products, also of course buyers and companies who work for country promotion in Turkey so we can negotiate future operations together.

How was 2018 for the tourist sector in Georgia and what are you expecting for 2019?

The tourist industry in Georgia is really growing. Last year was a record year for us because we hosted more than 8 million international travellers, 5 million of them were tourists. We’re very pleased about that. We’re growing, we’re gaining more awareness worldwide and we’re doing our best to gain even more. In 2019 we’re expecting even more tourists.

Have you seen an increase in tourist numbers from Turkey and the surrounding regions recently?

We have many travellers from Turkey who come to Georgia in transit, but we want to showcase our products to host them in the future. We want to let these people know that we have a lot to offer.

How optimistic are you about the travel industry over the next few years?

Very optimistic. There are many hotels and homestays, our accommodation options are growing and so is awareness of our country internationally. We have new direct flights from different destinations to Georgia so that’s why we think we’ll grow in the future. We’re working on more quality travellers.

What tourism products are you offering for 2019? And are there any that are growing?

We offer history and culture, wine and gastronomy, adventure tourism in our mountains and national parks, which is a paradise for hikers and climbers.


Will you be expecting to return to EMITT next year?

Yes. EMITT is important to us in terms of targeting because Turkey is one of our main target markets.

What are the benefits of exhibiting with a national stand?

We always have a national stand at EMITT because our aim is to help the private sector get new contacts and grow their business. We always have a big stand with private companies and regional tourist administrations.

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