Exhibitor case study: Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia

With huge scope for adventure, beach, cultural and gastronomic holidays, Indonesia is a travel gem. Consisting of 17,000 islands the country’s offerings are overwhelmingly diverse. With new opportunities on the horizon for travelling to Indonesia, the country’s Ministry of Tourism held a national stand at this year’s EMITT 2019.

We spoke to Tetra Tianiafi, Assistant Deputy Director for Marketing at the Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia, to find out more about this fascinating country and their experience of exhibiting at EMITT 2019.

Why did you decide to take part in EMITT this year and what are your objectives?

We were here in 2010 but at that time there were no direct flights from Istanbul to Jakarta, they started in 2012. Now, Turkish Airlines has a 125,000-strong annual seat capacity direct from Istanbul to Jakarta with daily flights. We will soon have a huge opportunity as Turkish Airlines will fly from Istanbul to Denpassar, which for us is very important. So that’s why we’re here at EMITT. Starting this year, Turkish Airlines and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia are providing 100 free tickets with ground arrangements to support tourist agencies and promotional teams from Turkey and 26 other European countries.

Who are you looking to meet at the show?

We are looking for agencies who are eager to learn about Indonesia, want to sell it and are ready to work with us. It’s a start, we’re not expecting to advertise brand Indonesia just yet, we’re just starting to find our partners here. So that’s our main goal for our first exhibition in many years.

Is Turkey one of your key source markets or are you here for international visitors too?

This is the second year we’ve been working on the Turkish market. Last year, we organised a sales mission with Turkish Airlines and did a roadshow. We brought the five biggest travel agencies in Indonesia to Istanbul and Izmir and it’s having some effect. We’ve found that honeymoon trips are important to Turkish tourists so we’re also exhibiting at B2C wedding expos to sell Bali as a honeymoon destination.

How was 2018 for the tourist sector in Indonesia and what are you expecting for 2019?

Indonesian travel agencies are wanting to bring Indonesian tourists to Turkey. Indonesian people want to go abroad more now as income is increasing. So for people in Sumatra and Padar, it’s easier for them to go abroad to Kuala Lumpur than to our capital Jakarta. While our outbound travel industry is growing, we hope to develop inbound tourism too and are trying to make it easy for people to see our wonderful country.

Have you seen an increase in Turkish tourists recently?

Yes, since 2014. In 2018, we welcomed 8,000, it’s not a huge number because Turkey is not our main market. But we are looking for new emerging markets, so our participation here is just testing the waters. We hope to get more tourists from Turkey and other Mediterranean and European countries through Turkish Airlines. They fly from 144 airports in Europe to Istanbul and from Istanbul they can then go on to Jakarta and Denpassar. So this new direct flight can connect use with the whole of Europe.

How has the show been so far?

I’m very surprised and the industry is very surprised by Turkey. It seems to be a developing and leading country. I think we can have a lot of cooperation because of the demographic – we are both Muslim countries but not too strongly. When we have the same emotional bond it’s easy for us to welcome each other. In Indonesia we watch a Turkish soap opera, so the Turkish lifestyle is becoming more known to us, it’s not foreign anymore.

Will you be expecting to return next year?

Of course, after this event we will evaluate the results. But you can already see that we are doing well because we are open and we’re confident being here. We’re actually not a traditional tourism-based country, we have a lot of natural resources, so tourism is fairly new for us as an industry and we still have to learn from other countries.

What are the benefits of exhibiting with a national stand?

We’d like to see our neighbouring countries here with us at EMITT. We hope other Asian countries can use us as a benchmark and see our success. We hope they will be here in the future and can compete with us. In Indonesia we have 17,000 islands and 365 different ethnicities so we’re incredibly large and diverse. We need to inform people how much we have.


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