Maximize your exhibition experience with Hyve Connect

Thanks to Hyve Connect app, visitors get to connect with exhibitors, other industry professionals and hosted buyers seamlessly.

Visitors get to request meetings with exhibitors, follow the event programme at the exhibition with the Hyve Connect app after registering online. The app includes a full interactive list of exhibitors, floor plan, event programme and everything else you will need to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Before and during the exhibition, the app makes suggestions as to who you might be interested in meeting and helps you to keep in touch with your connections after the exhibition.

It provides the perfect platform for exhibitors, attendees and hosted buyers to connect with each other seamlessly, find the right customers or potential business partners and grow their networks.

Download the app now from Google Play or AppStore and start scheduling your meetings. If you haven’t registered yet, click below to register for free.
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