New exhibitor case study: Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia

An exciting mix of ancient temples, stunning beach destinations and lively cities, Cambodia is a buzzing destination for all kinds of tourists. In 2019, the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia exhibited at EMITT for the first time, bringing a number of Cambodian travel companies to the national stand.

We spoke to Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Tourism to find out more about their first experience of EMITT.

Why did you decide to take part in EMITT this year and what are your objectives?

This is a market on which we’d like to promote our destination not just in Istanbul or Turkey but to people around the world.

We have diverse products covering cultural tourism, the largest temple complex in the world – Angkor Wat, untouched mountains, beaches, mango trees, a long coast line of 440km; a completely diversified destination – it’s a product for all people around the world.

Who are you looking to meet at the show?

For this show, we’re positioning ourselves for the Turkish market which is a new market for us. Hopefully our country is a good destination for the Turkish people. It’s also important for us to meet visitors from Turkey’s neighbouring countries as they are important to us as much as the Turkish people.

The B2B aspect of the exhibition is important to us. We’ve prepared a lot to provide information to tour operators and travel agents here at the exhibition.

How was 2018 for the tourist sector in Cambodia and what are you expecting for 2019?

In 2017/2018, tourism grew tremendously, in terms of developing new products and preparation to serve tourists that are coming to Cambodia. Overall, we are succeeding in increasing our inbound statistics.

Have you seen an increase in tourist numbers from Turkey and the surrounding regions recently?

Yes, Turkey is a new market for us. It’s slow reaching our objectives and the progress is slow as it’s a new market. So we’re putting more effort into promotion in Turkey and finding new partners in Istanbul and the wider region to work together to increase the amount of tourists coming to Cambodia.

How optimistic are you about the travel industry over the next few years?

We are very optimistic; we hope people are having a good time in our country and are interested to go. From our research, tourists from Turkey and the surrounding region are going to Thailand, Vietnam, other neighbouring countries in Asia in their thousands. We’re just next door and we offer wonderful travel opportunities, so of course we’re optimistic about the coming years.


What tourism products are you offering for 2019? And are there any that are growing?

Well judging from my conversations here already, Turkish people are varied, and they enjoy everything. We have a wonderful culture, natural environment and ecotourism opportunities, and these are the most likely to appeal to Turkish people. We also have year-round beaches where people can enjoy the atmosphere and tropical weather.

How has EMITT been so far for you?

We’ve had many people approach us curious about what we’re offering. We have three companies exhibiting at our stand, many more wanted to come but we didn’t have the space. Next year we’ll have more space.

What are the benefits of exhibiting with a national stand?

The tourism industry cannot work as individuals, we have to unite the whole industry together to share our benefits for the common goal. You cannot just have one country and one destination, we have to share, and we have to serve.

The people here welcome us with open arms. Thanks to the organisers for having us here and thanks to the people of Istanbul.

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