What first-time exhibitors say about EMITT

Find out what some of this year’s first-time exhibitors had to say about EMITT 2019.

Want to boost your brand awareness and grow your travel business?

Considering exhibiting at EMITT, the leading travel and tourism event in Turkey and the surrounding region? Wondering whether it’s the right place to bring your travel brand?

Exhibiting at an international exhibition for the first time can be daunting. But it can have enormous benefits and doing the right preparation can ensure a strong event ROI and successful time onsite.

Find out what some of this year’s first-time exhibitors had to say about EMITT 2019.


Carisa Travel Group

Helsinki-based Carisa Travel Group provides tours across Scandinavia. We spoke to Necip Edis from Carisa who told us more about why they decided to exhibit and how the show went.

“Our largest group of customers is Turkish tourists, so we came to EMITT to meet the people we work with and to promote our brand, to meet new people. We’re here to tell people about our package tours in Scandinavia.” Necip tells us.
“At EMITT, we’re hoping to reach new agents from Turkey, because there is a great demand for Scandinavia right now. We want to work with agents from different parts of Turkey as there are a lot of local agents from different regions. In this regard, it’s been useful.
“We’ve held meetings that we set up through EMITT's matchmaking app, which was very efficient. There’s a constant increase in interest for Scandinavia, particularly Lapland. It sounds very different and unusual; something other than skiing for winter tourism. People can walk in the forest with deer, go on an icebreaker ship, see the northern lights, or go on whale safaris.
“We’ve met people at EMITT that we’ve been in contact with by email but haven’t yet worked with because they didn’t know us. It’s enabled us to make agreements for future cooperation. We’re working with agencies and this exhibition gives us a chance to meet with them directly. We’re satisfied with how EMITT has been. We came to meet local Turkish agents, but we’ve also met agents from India, Asia and Brazil who were also very interested in Scandinavia. It’s been very positive, I think we’ll come back again.”

Malta Tourism Authority

We also caught up with Huriye Acun, Corporate Communications Manager at the Malta Tourism Authority to find out how their first time at EMITT went.
“Turkey is one of our priority source markets and a priority for marketing to. We’re aiming to increase the share of Turkish tourists in the coming years. So as one of the most important international travel fairs, we decided to exhibit at EMITT for the first time this year. Our main aim is to promote Malta and EMITT is the best place to do it.”
“We’re very glad to be at EMITT; we’re seeing a lot of interest from the public, from professionals, business partners and potential business partners, so this obviously makes us very happy.

“We’re primarily targeting visitors who want to come to Malta via agents who want to travel individually. Of course, we aim to keep in touch with all the institutions that will help these visitors to come to Malta.
“While we didn’t come to EMITT to make sales, we have met many people who want to do business with us – maybe around 50 or 60 a day. We’ve had around 20 one-to-one meetings so far.
“Interest from visitors has been very high but there are many visitors from the Middle East, Central Asia, India and other neighboring countries. Most of them are professionals coming to evaluate business opportunities. I think it’s been very successful. We’re very pleased with our first time here and we’re already planning to return in 2020.”

Everyday Tourizm

Everyday Tourizm, Antalya-based provider of airport transfer and travel services, also took time out to speak with us. Here’s what partners Şükrü Özen and Murat Ilgaz told us.

“Even though this is our first time exhibiting at EMITT, we’ve been visiting for the last three years. This year we felt ready to go ahead and exhibit.
“We’re here to promote our company. We have a memorable name when you think internationally. I hope next year that people will remember us.  Our goal is to be permanent in the region.
“EMITT has so far been good. There are not many transfer companies here, maybe only a handful; they’re mostly agents. But we are both agents and a transfer company. So the attention is good, we are pleased with the interest. Today's our second day, yesterday was a little intense. But my real expectation, I think, is for Saturday. We’ve already had bilateral meetings with 15 agencies.”

ECC Tourism

ECC Tourism has been providing a call centre for the tourism industry for many years. Here’s what Ergin Çiyacı from ECC Tourism told us at EMITT 2019.
“Our aim is to appeal to a wider audience, especially at fairs such as EMITT, which is one of the most popular and important in the region.
“We’ve spoken to small and large local agencies, and newly opened hotels here at EMITT so in this sense, it was quite a good fair, especially in terms of newly opened systems.
“In my opinion, the fair is the meeting point of many organisations and tourists. In this sense, it’s useful for us. We’re already meeting with many agents and hotels that we are not already in contact with. EMITT helps us a lot in this sense. Many contacts and business connections can be made in a short time.
“We’ve made agreements with quite a few people already. We’ll definitely be back next year. I think EMITT is a fair which has a positive return that should be attended by all companies involved in tourism or services.”


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