Why does BookingAgora choose EMITT?

At EMITT, we are at the heart of tourism industry. Bring your brand or destination in front of thousands of industry professionals and tourists and grow your business.

BookingAgora, which steadily became one of the driving forces in the industry, has been an exhibitor of EMITT ever since they were founded and is one of the brands that already booked their space for EMITT 2022. We spoke to Murat Kahraman, one of the founders of BookingAgora about the industry in general and why they choose EMITT for their business.

Why do you exhibit at EMITT?
The main reasons why we exhibit at EMITT are; that it’s the most prestigious exhibition among the ones in Turkey and especially in Istanbul, that its exhibitors and visitors are comprised of industry professionals and that it’s efficient and beneficial in terms of B2B meetings.

Who are you expecting to meet at the exhibition?
We are expecting to meet industry professionals from Turkey and abroad.

What are your thoughts on EMITT and what are your expectations from the exhibition?
EMITT is progressing with an expert team on exhibitors and visitors, an innovative logic and firm steps. 
We are expecting EMITT to design itself according to the trends in the world by advancing more each year, to follow digital developments outside of classical exhibition understanding, ensure the attendance of people and organizations with authority in these areas, include physical or hybrid forums, create new areas about rising segments in tourism and ensure the attendance of authorities for these areas.

Why should industry professionals visit EMITT?
People are able to organize meetings, seminars, conferences and even exhibitions through various channels in the communication age. However, our opinion is that people still prefer face-to-face meetings. If industry professionals visit EMITT, a lot more visitors from many countries will come like we mentioned above and the trade value of the exhibition for exhibitors will become much higher.

Tourism industry is one of the hardest-hit industries from the pandemic. In what ways do you think EMITT will help you and the industry in general?
Tourism industry is the first industry to get affected by problems and the last one to recover from them. However, those who work in the industry have been able to pick themselves up with their own efforts despite challenges and indifference. Our wish is for tourism industry, which triggers more than 40 industries directly, compensates a big part of current deficit, acts as a bridge for peace and creates employment for millions of people, to get on its feet after the pandemic. During the pandemic, the industry is shedding its skin, travel habits are changing, new players are entering the market, and therefore the cards are being reshuffled. We think EMITT has analyzed this process correctly and followed the changes closely. With this, we think the exhibition, which we believe will be shaped in accordance with the changes in the industry, is going to benefit the industry greatly.

What are your insights, expectations and forecasts for the industry in Turkey and around the world for this year?
We think that 2021 will be a preparation period for recuperation. Generally speaking, we think that tourism industry still needs a few more years in order to reach the numbers in 2019. It almost seems definite than the recuperation won’t happen in the short term due to countries opening their borders conditionally, the fact that many airlines have exited the game or shrunk, the uncertainty on when the pandemic will end, and many more reasons. As travel habits are changing, like we talked about, it seems like mass tourism will give way to more boutique and customized travel plans. Public and private sectors should make serious efforts together regarding how the industry will be shaped post-pandemic.

Key players of the tourism industry have begun to secure their spaces at EMITT 2022. Join them in next February to grow your business. Contact us today to discuss your participation options.

*This interview was edited for length and clarity.