Why is HotelRunner choosing EMITT 2022 to help them grow their business?

The tide is turning in the tourism industry. Showcase your services, products or destination to thousands of industry professionals and travel consumers at EMITT 2022 and grow your business.

One of the key players in the digitalization of tourism industry, HotelRunner has once again secured their place at this year’s EMITT. We spoke to Cihan Coşkuntuncel, HotelRunner’s Sales and Business Development Director, about why they choose EMITT for their business and what their expectations from this edition are.

Why has HotelRunner been exhibiting at EMITT?
As HotelRunner, we have been exhibiting at EMITT for many years and have been endorsing it by both being a sponsor and by attending the events. EMITT, which is one of the top 5 exhibitions in the world and one of the largest in Turkey, is an important platform that always brings together industry stakeholders for knowledge and inspiration exchange. As a part of EMITT, it is very valuable for us to get the chance to contribute to setting the agendas of the industry and travel technologies, and come together with the industry.

Who are you planning to meet at the exhibition?
The EMITT exhibition provides a wonderful opportunity to meet our business partners that we are in touch every day face-to-face, have pleasant conversations on the industry and come up with new ideas together. At the same time, it is the ideal platform to meet accommodation providers, online travel agencies, payment service providers, wholesalers, revenue management system providers and many more potential business partners and take the first steps of strong business partnerships.

What are your thoughts about EMITT and what are your expectations from it?
East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition is an inclusive exhibition that lives up to its name. In addition to serving as a perfect pool for visitors and exhibitors coming from around the world, it also shapes the future of the industry through conferences and speeches and helps it grow. All of these are very valuable interactions that the tourism and accommodation industries were devoid of for a year and a half. With EMITT 2022, we are hoping to continue from where we left off as an industry.

Why should industry professionals visit EMITT?  
Through topics and new perspectives that will be brought up to the agenda at EMITT 2022, all stakeholders of the industry including tour operators, travel agencies, regional administrations, municipalities and accommodation and transportation industries will be able to prepare better for the year ahead and turn the change we are going through into an opportunity. Because of this, we think it’s an exhibition that shouldn’t be missed. Moreover, as HotelRunner, we will take our place at EMITT just like in all the years before and we’d like to tell you that we can’t wait to greet industry professionals at our stand.

Tourism industry is one of the hardest-hit industries from the pandemic. In what ways do you think EMITT will help you and the industry in general?
Tourism industry was obliged to adapt to current situations. From time to time, it stayed on hold and from time to time, it made efforts to improve the situation. But now, regarding the pandemic, we can say that daylight is visible at the end of the tunnel. In this period where we have started to heal globally, there is need for effective exhibitions like EMITT for tourism and accommodation industries to gain the acceleration they need. We can’t wait to take the first steps towards normalization at EMITT 2022 with our business partners.

What are your insights, expectations and forecasts for the industry in Turkey and the world for this year?
Saying that tourism and accommodation industries took great damage from the pandemic would be an understatement. It will take some time to reach the old performance both in Turkey and globally, but since it’s a dynamic industry like tourism, we are sure that it will recuperate quickly. We believe that the demand will be bigger than before as travel restrictions loosen. As HotelRunner, we spent this period improving ourselves, helping the industry remain standing and persevere, and we will continue to support all industry stakeholders with the high technology we create.

If you’re looking to grow your brand, gain new clients and boost your visibility on the market, EMITT 2022 is your chance. Contact us today to discuss your participation options.