EMITT proudly presents in its Silver Year!

Tourism industry continues to carry on its path after a series of major transformations in this extraordinary period the whole world is currently experiencing. As EMITT, we anticipate that we are on the brink of a new period where transformation, development through transformation, hence sustainability, will be indispensable and the concepts of traveler and tourist will be reinvented.

As EMITT, in our 25th year, we will talk about hot topics related to tourism, alternative tourism trends, and tips for sustainable innovative tourism applications, through an extensive conference programme, with which we are planning to give back to the industry what we have learned from it before, after developing them further with our experiences.

In this new period where factors such as technology, concerns regarding the climate, and the pandemic are leading to fundamental changes, and where adaptation is key to sustainability, we are planning to ensure that every player in the tourism industry gets on the stage, and this shared ideal for which success is essential is realized.

What Subjects Will be Discussed on the Stage?
  • Presidents’ Forum: Opinion Leaders Explain Their 2022 Predictions for the Industry
  • Climate-Friendly Gastronomy Tourism
  • What Businesses Gain Through Food-Friendly Tourism  
  • The Impact of “Influencers” on the Destination Strategies of Municipalities
  • Opportunities Transforming Through the Pandemic’s Teachings and Extraordinary Routes
  • Homecoming in Cultural Tourism: Regaining Historical Artifacts and Heritage Sites in Our Country
  • Travel Manifest Leading to Mass Transformation: On Transportation, Accommodation, and Communication Trends
  • Technological Solutions for Customer Experience in Tourism  

Celebrating its 25th anniversary by discussing the subjects presented above together with all stakeholders of the industry, EMITT will continue to be more than just an exhibition for the industry. 

In our events which will take place simultaneously with the exhibition under the title of EMITT EXPERIENCE owing to our 25 years of experience: 

EMITT MASTER CLASS CURATED EXHIBITION TOURS: Our experts, travelers, influencers, and chefs will visit our exhibitors at their stands in person and talk about how they can avoid waste and inform them about the keys to sustainability and the tourism applications that are climate-friendly, delivering the messages coming from the stages into the hallways of the exhibition.

Start-ups, whose areas ranging from Metaverse to augmented reality, will meet the industry with their newest applications enabled by digitalization and technology at EMITT TECH GARAGE, this years’ innovation by EMITT, which supports activities that form a bridge between creative and investing minds, as well as ensuring the newest products and services in the region are displayed and monitored.

Our exhibitors will increase their visibility through EMITT EXHIBITOR STAND EVENTS and EMITT MAIN FOYER STAGE EVENTS, and in the meantime, they will strengthen their brand awareness and will be able to showcase their cultural riches with special events both at their own stands and on the stage which will be installed in the Main Foyer.