EMITT, which will open its doors for the 25th time in its silver year, develops what it has learned from the sector thanks to its experience, and gives it back to the sector with this year’s innovation, EMITT TECH GARAGE!

Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse…
“Sci-fi!”, which we are all familiar with thanks to the in movies in recent years, is accelerating each day to become a reality of our lives, with the help of this extraordinary period that the whole world is undergoing.

The pandemic era has once again shown us that it has become a key rule to keep up with the technology and integrate innovative developments within your company. The active usage of information and communication technologies in every field is becoming more widespread at an incredible speed all over the world. Entrepreneurial perspective and innovative approaches in many sectors, from health to energy, or automotive to textile, change the way of conducting business fundamentally.

Tour operators, travel agencies, regional administrations and senior managers of the accommodation sector, sales and marketing departments… The key to keeping up with change and creating sustainable tourism structures lies within technology! 

We will be showcasing Technological Solutions for Customer Experience in Tourism for 4 days at EMITT TECH GARAGE, located right next to the Conference area in Hall 2, which will become the main stage for the events that will last for 4 days in parallel with EMITT.

We bring together the sector and the start-ups that have left their mark on the sector with their measurement tools that enable only a minimum carbon footprint, technologies that facilitate Responsible Consumption and zero-waste practices, artificial intelligence that creates the digital twins of cities, mobile applications equipped with Crowd Control and Smart Tourism Destination features, customer emotional analysis reports that employ image processing technologies, user behavior modeling and segmentation services, and finally, virtual reality technologies!

Introducing a new perspective to the sector with their products and technologies and bringing together buyers and manufacturers with innovative tools, the start-ups will get the opportunity to meet professionals from the sector attending the exhibition between February 9-12 and will have the chance to get them to experience their products in person. 

After that, at Conference Stage on February 12, the last day of the exhibition they will share with us the latest information regarding the products and technologies they offer, and arouse our curiosity with various tips on what awaits us for the future of the industry, while inspiring us.
Let’s get to know our start-ups which will inspire the entire tourism sector.

NARA VR Not only stepping up with current technology, Nara is a start-up company with a pioneer vision on every educational technology field. In this perspective, virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies are blending together to have fun with traditional education. Nara offers innovative, creative and original solutions primarily in education, tourism industry, healthcare, advertising, marketing and many other areas, using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies.

SURVEY HANDS ENGINEERING As Surveyhands Engineering, we use various technologies and methods in order to capture the real world in the most accurate way. While we capture real environments in our projects, we also try to adapt this digital reality to your daily lives. By using laser scanning, photogrammetry and many other methods, we produce the most suitable and realistic digital twins for users and offer these data to your use. 

You can see some of the tools we use in our work at EMITT TECH GARAGE. At the same time, we enable you to see the data we have obtained through different methods, completely over the internet or in AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) environments with various hardware such as phones, tablets , computers or VR headsets. As a result of this process, for example, by using a digital copy of a real object, you can access the dimensions, texture and many more features of that object from the digital environment. On the other hand, you can experience a captured place completely with technological devices without ever physically going. In addition to mobile devices, objects and places that we copy can also be experienced with virtual reality headsets. 

As a company, we use various data sets to produce the most suitable solution for you, thanks to our knowledge and experience. We would like to serve you on a variety of topics by creating high-accuracy digital twins of your areas or groups of objects and even your own faces.

TRAVELINSIGHTPEDIA Travelinsightpedia is the world’s first holistic social travel network with content, community, and marketplace. We are solving the pain points of the entire consumer lifecycle of the travelers by bringing content, community, booking options, reviews, and commerce together on a single platform. Most importantly, Travelinsightpedia is mainly focused on “Premium User Generated Content” to provide informal but genuine, real-life information. It is a platform that any member of our community can share their journeys. Thanks to the power of our community, we are aiming to become the biggest travel network in the world. That will allow you to find anything related to travel on one single platform.

TOURIST: TRAVEL THE WORLD When was the last time you travel? We know it has been a rough 2 years for travel and we are here to help you out! Tourist App allows you to travel to the most touristic cities on every continent with just one click! Download the app and get ready. You can visit 70 cities in Tourist App while listening to their local radios. You can also travel to the most popular places of cities virtually and read information about them. Tourist App is aiming to provide a unique travel experience for real travelers. In the future, users will be able to see the most recommended hotels, restaurants, tourism agencies, bus companies, airlines, and many more during their virtual travel! Would you like to hear more? We are waiting for you in our stand! Take your ticket and enjoy the view!