Precautionary Measures to be taken regarding COVID-19

As Hyve Group plc, we care about our exhibitors, visitors, and subcontractors and take their health and safety seriously. Therefore, we pay utmost importance to the safety of the exhibition that we will organize following the COVID-19 pandemic.
We would like to share with you the measures we have taken for your health and safety at emıtt 2021, which will be organized from 10 – 13 February 2021.   
Hygiene and Cleaning Measures to be Implemented
  • A health screening guide has been prepared for all visitors and it will only be possible to enter the exhibition space following the guide.
  • General cleaning services will be increased at the exhibition venue and all surfaces (door handles, tables, elevator buttons, escalators etc.) will be cleaned regularly using Ministry Approved disinfectants with Biocidal Product Certification with a special focus on the cleansing of restrooms. Please follow the instructions of our cleaning staff.
  • Disinfectant mats will be placed at all the entrances, and we will make sure that all our visitors use it before entering the exhibition space.
  • Hand disinfectant solution dispensers will be available at all entrance doors, hall entrances, foyers, rest areas, and restrooms to maintain the necessary hygiene standards.
  • Signs will be available in the exhibition area to remind people to maintain the necessary hygiene standards and physical distance.
  • Commercial deep cleaning services provided for the exhibition area every night will be increased and disinfection will be carried out for the next day.
  • Maintenance of the ventilation system in the exhibition area will be provided.
  • Keeping the air in the exhibition hall clean during the exhibition days will be ensured by providing the continuous operation of the ventilation system at regular intervals.
  • Regular announcements to be made in the exhibition area will act as a reminder of the use of face masks while maintaining the physical distance as part of the general hygiene rules.
  • Special disposal containers for medical waste materials (masks, gloves, etc.) will be available in the exhibition area.
Measures Taken to Protect Visitors
  • All visitors will be subject to body temperature screening at the exhibition entrances.
  • People with a body temperature of above 38 degrees and show the symptoms of the disease will not be admitted to the exhibition space and will be directed to the nearest heath organization by the medical team located right next to the entrance in the exhibition area.
  • An ambulance at the exhibition venue will be present for duty at all times to respond to all kinds of emergencies.
  • As part of general health measures, our exhibitions will be open only to Professional Visitors.
  • Our visitors under the age of 16 will not be admitted to the exhibition venue as part of general measures.
  • Visitors not wearing a face mask will not be admitted to the exhibition venue.
  • On the exhibition days, cloakrooms will be available for the visitors and only large bags and suitcases will be accepted to ensure less amount of physical contact.
  • It is not permitted for visitors to eat or drink at the exhibition space except water.
Physical Distancing Measures
  • The entrances and exits are rearranged according to the physical distancing rules to avoid crowds of visitors.
  • Hyve Group plc will keep the number of visitors entering the exhibition area under control in line with the general measures and will take all precautions when necessary. Number of people per square meter has been limited and one person per 10 m2 will be allowed including exhibitors, contractors and visitors.
  • Necessary lines (min 1.5m distance) will be drawn across the floor using the barriers to comply with the physical distancing rules at the entrances of the exhibition and visitors will only be allowed to enter to the exhibition following these rules.
  • One-Way Traffic Applications will be created to control the crowd in narrow areas and/or hallways where it is difficult to maintain physical distance.
  • Attendants that will help to ensure a fast and hassle-free entry to the exhibition area and maintaining of physical distance in all exhibition halls.

General Measures
  • Hall corridors and stand depths have been rearranged to at least 3 meters and 2 meters, respectively.
  • The contact numbers of the health units necessary for the exhibitors and visitors to get the information they need for any circumstances that may arise in the exhibition area will be located at visible spots.
  • The Event Area within the exhibition space, was designed taking into account all physical distancing and hygiene rules and will be managed by us.

The following areas which show the locations where Hyve Group team members communicate with exhibitors and visitors have been rearranged to comply with all hygiene rules. Moreover, Hyve Turkey team will be provided with face shields, seperators and gloves when necessary.
  • The Event Organizer Office
  • Press Room
  • Info Desks
  • Registration Desks
  • B2B Meeting Areas
  • Event Area

Important Notice: These measurements may vary according to the instructions from the government and local authorities.