Why does SAN Tourism Software Group prefer EMITT?

Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, SAN Tourism Software Group, which has been exhibiting at EMITT for 25 years, is preparing to meet their guests at EMITT 2023. We talked with Mustafa Türk, the Vice President of SAN TSG, about their brand and why they choose EMITT for their business.

You have been exhibiting at EMITT for many years. Why do you prefer our exhibition? 

We are one of the companies that has a long-running history of participation to EMITT and we have exhibited at the exhibition regularly since its early years. This year, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary and we’ve been with EMITT for 25 years. We are hoping to be together in the future as well. 
EMITT is one of the 5 biggest exhibitions in the world organized for the tourism industry. Therefore, we care a lot of about exhibiting because it is a platform where we can meet both local and international business partners and tourism professionals. 

How was EMITT 2022? 

EMITT is an exhibition which shows a rise in the exhibitor number every year. It succeeded in feeling the industry’s pulse as the world started shedding the effects of the pandemic in 2022. The fact that there was a considerable local and international visitor participation confirms this. 
As SAN Tourism Software Group, we experienced an exhibition with a lot of visitors, and this made us quite happy. We had the chance to meet local and global tour operators, incoming travel agencies and industry professionals. 

What advantages EMITT 2022 provided you?

We can definitely say that the companies that exhibit at EMITT have an increased potential to create business partnerships. EMITT, which hosts a lot of exhibitors from within the country and abroad, allows companies to meet each other thanks to its extensive exhibitor profile. The same goes for our company. We can say that we carried out new business partnerships at EMITT 2022 as SAN Tourism Software Group. Additionally, we talked with our business partners about; what we could do together, which service/product we can provide and how we can be a solution partner. We also found the opportunity to promote our products and communicate with our target audience face-to-face. 

There are many products that we developed or are under development under SAN TSG roof. Along with Sejour, TourVisio, Hotel2Sejour, SanFlight, Abacus that are used within the industry and are known, at EMITT, we had the chance to promote products that we had recently developed and hadn’t announced yet to industry professionals. 

We introduced our Paximum system, which is heavily used by local and international travel agencies for their hotel, plane ticket, dynamic package, car rental, transfer and visa needs, to new markets and strengthen our relations with existing business partners. 

Why should industry professionals visit EMITT? 
Visitors can bring conventional engagement to much better levels by utilizing the effect the exhibition provides. Plus, EMITT isn’t just about one aspect of the tourism industry, it caters to different branches with its exhibitors from different areas. We recommend the exhibition to industry professionals because tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, airlines, and companies from many branches such as transportation, IT, gastronomy and health tourism are exhibiting. 

What are your views and forecasts around tourism industry in 2023? 

We anticipate that 2023 will be a year with increasing progress in tourism industry both in Turkey and around the world. We can say that all the steps that are planned or foreseen with regards to investment, promotion and tourism from the last quarter of 2019 to today will increase rapidly. 

As SAN Tourism Software Group, it will be a year where we’ll leave our 30th year behind, where we’ll promote new investments and business partnerships in many countries on the road to becoming a world brand in 2023, and bring our new products to the industry. 

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