Why does Tourism Union of Kosovo choose EMITT

Destinations around the world are taking their places at the 2023 edition of EMITT, the region’s largest exhibition serving the travel and tourism industry.

The Tourism Union of Kosovo, an organization supporting the tourism in Kosovo has secured their stand at next year’s EMITT to grow their flourishing tourism business and find the right contacts to help them achieve their goals. We spoke to Baki Hoti, the president of the organization, about the union’s activities, the industry in general and why they prefer EMITT.

Could you give us an overview of your activities and objectives?
The Tourism Union of Kosovo is a non-governmental organization focused on supporting businesses and professionals in the tourism industry in the Republic of Kosovo. Through its innovative approach, the Union constantly advocates for improving policies and strategies; on the other hand, it strengthens members' cooperation through networking and coordination with their partners. All our activities are related to sustainable tourism development in Kosovo and aim to facilitate business in the tourism industry, access to finance, increase competitiveness through capacity-building activities and improve tourism products and services.

Why have you decided to exhibit at EMITT, and what are your expectations from the show?
EMITT is one of the most important events for us, considering the many opportunities it creates for promotion and cooperation for all the Kosovo businesses participating in the fair. Furthermore, from this participation of Kosovo in this fair, we expect an increase in the number of tourists who will visit Kosovo.

Why do you think industry professionals should visit EMITT?

For all the industry professionals, participating in EMITT would be an excellent opportunity to grow the development of the industry through cooperation during the fair by having the opportunity to meet many businesses worldwide and have B2B meetings.
What is your point of view on the tourism industry? Could you please share your forecasts?
The importance of tourism has never been more apparent. Now is the time to use this opportunity to rethink how we do tourism. Tourism is an industry that affects many other sectors and is a development engine for a country's economy. The tourism industry must prepare for future challenges that require cooperation and a sense of interconnectedness. So, we need cooperation, coordination, and joint promotion, and this was the purpose of the participation of the Republic of Kosovo in this fair. Kosovo has a high potential for tourism development due to its beautiful nature, many forests and mountains, activities, cultural and religious heritage, hospitality, and generosity for every visitor who visits Kosovo.

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