5 - 7 February 2025 • TUYAP

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About Events

In its 27th year, EMITT not only created new business and partnership opportunities, but also offered a productive exhibition experience with events full of insights and inspiration. With its Event Programme, EMITT has shown the industry a realistic vision of the future and brought the tourism agenda and the actions required to reach the 2024 targets as an industry, sustainable investment proposals and technological developments to the conference stage with many local and foreign expert speakers from the public and private sectors.

Many sessions, panels, talks and presentations on 7 main topics were held on the EMITT 2024 Conference Stage for 4 days with the cooperation of 50 expert speakers and 24 organizations.


In 19 different sessions held on the Conference Stage, industry professionals shared their knowledge and provided 4 days full of insight and inspiration to the exhibitors and audience.

Our main agenda topics;
- Sectoral Trends and Economic Forecasts,
- Turkey's Health Tourism Road Map,
- Tomorrow's Heritage - Cultural Richness and Sustainability,
- Cities and Countries Worth Exploring,
- Experiences Supported by Travel Technologies,
- Potential of Eco-Tourism: Diversity and Best Practices
- Content Intelligence and Influencer Strategies in Marketing

The EMITT special version of the Instalive Talks event with Experience Designer and Futurist Dr. Cem Kınay, which was followed with great appreciation during and after the pandemic, was held for the second time. In these conversations, which were broadcast live on Dr. Cem Kınay's Instagram account, valuable female speakers who added value to the Tourism Industry were hosted on a specially set stage.

Travel Technologies, which are developing rapidly to increase customer experience and satisfaction in the tourism sector and to take companies one step ahead in sales, were on the EMITT 2024 Conference Stage with presentations and interviews.

Artificial Intelligence - Smart Travel Technology Cycle and Digital Transformation - Sales Innovation and Personalization conversations and developments in the sector were discussed with good examples.

EMITT participant countries and cities from Turkey and around the world shared their special content and future trends with destination presentations.

On the performance stage set up in the Main Foyer, events such as Music Concerts and Folkloric Dances of the participating countries and municipalities attracted great interest and appreciation of the exhibition visitors.

Events such as Promotional Cocktails, Press Receptions, Gift Giveaways and Influencer Invitations organized by exhibitors, tour operators and resorts within their own booths provided a colorful scene at EMITT 2024.