6 - 9 February 2024 • TUYAP Fair & Congress Centre

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The New Future of Tourism is Discussed at EMITT

The East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition (EMITT) organized by the ICA Group, hosts around 40,000 industry professionals and tourists looking to take advantage of new and exciting travel opportunities offered by travel companies worldwide every year. The evolving consumer trends and technology advancements brought on by a changing world are examined by industry professionals at EMITT this year. The evolving consumer trends and technology advancements brought on by a changing world are examined by industry professionals at EMITT this year. The key topics of the EMITT 2023 Event Program will be Türkiye`s vision and work in health and wellness tourism, particularly sustainability, ground-breaking technological practices that enhance the customer experience, promotion of our cultural heritage and brand work, eco, agro and high-end tourism, and gastronomy.

EMITT Keeps a Close Watch on Changing World’s Travel Trends

The tourism industry, which has been growing despite the global economic crises, inflation, and pandemic, is very near to reaching 2019 levels in 2022. The tourism industry has grown as a result of people who travel to escape the exhaustion and severe stress of quarantine and those who desire new experiences. In 2023, it`s anticipated that the impact of this trend—which came to represent "revenge tourism"—will grow. The topic of "city tourism" is another noteworthy one in terms of travel trends. In 2023, city tourism is expected to double, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. One of the routes with the greatest expectation for growth is the historic peninsula "Istanbul," where EMITT will take place. While 2023 will be a year in which "sustainable travel" will be addressed as much as travel and mindful tourism attract more volunteers, EMITT has important duties. Leading the region, the East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition (EMITT), which is one of the world`s five largest tourism fairs, is a tourism summit that has offered new business and co-operation opportunities to the industry over the past 25 years. The fair contributes to the growth of the industry by boosting the number of participants and visitors in the region each year. Organized in partnership with TUROFED (Turkish Hoteliers Federation) and TTYD (Turkish Tourism Investors Association), EMITT will open its doors for the 26th time in 2023. The fair is sponsored by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Türkiye Governorship of Istanbul, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Airlines, and is also supported by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization of Türkiye).

EMITT is a business platform that offers new business and collaboration opportunities to the industry, allows participants to network with professional local and international visitors. Participants in the event include country pavilions, vacation spots, summer and winter tourist destinations, outdoor tourism destinations, hotels and tourist centers, health tourism, gastronomy tourism, tour operators and agencies.

Türkiye`s Tourism Goal for 2023 55 Million Tourists and 45 Billion Dollars of Tourism Revenues

By minimizing the pandemic`s negative effects in 2022, the tourism industry started its recovery. 47 million visitors and 37 billion dollars in revenue from tourism were recorded in Türkiye at the end of 2022. While the per capita overnight tourism income increased to 83-84 dollars in 2022, the per capita overnight income, which decreased to 62 dollars in 2019, increased by 35 percent. Türkiye`s tourism goal for 2023 is 55 million tourists and expected tourism revenues of 45 billion dollars, while its overnight revenues are expected to be increased to 90-95 dollars per capita.

EMITT Exhibition: The Gateway of Türkiye`s Health Tourism to the World

In terms of health tourism, Türkiye ended 2022 with 1 million visitors and 2 billion dollars in revenue, while 2 million visitors and 4 billion dollars in revenue were set as the goal for 2023. EMITT Exhibition, which continues to be the gateway of Türkiye’s health tourism, has expanded the range of tourism products and business prospects it offers to foreign customers and visitors. Like previous year, this year`s fair will feature health tourism industry professionals.

EMITT Will Host Over 200 Foreign Recipients from 55 Countries Under the “Invited Tour Operator” Program

EMITT is getting ready to bring 14 provinces and 19 districts from Türkiye to the the world. The tourism destinations of Anatolia will be the center of attention at the EMITT Fair, where the region`s natural splendors, historical and cultural significance, and culinary delights will mingle with thousands of domestic and international visitors. Along with municipalities, notable corporations participated at the fair, including Gezinomi, Elite World Hotels, Odamax, Hotelrunner, and Jolly Tur.

The "invited tour operator" program, which is held each year as part of the exhibition, featured more than 200 invited tour operators from 52 different countries last year. More than 200 invited tour operators from 55 countries, including Russia, France, Tunisia, Canada, Spain, England, USA, Switzerland, Iran, Italy, Greece, and Azerbaijan, are expected to attend the fair this year. Participants will thus gain access to new markets, gaining the opportunity to collaborate in different regions.

“We Will Host Over 40 Thousand Visitors at EMITT”

Emphasizing that the Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition (EMITT) is a significant platform that can provide new business and collaboration prospects to all participants, as well as to professional local and international visitors, Hacer Aydın, the Director of the EMITT Tourism Exhibition stated, “At the EMITT we held last year, 33,595 visitors from 110 countries attended and we hosted nearly 500 participants. We can confidently state that we have reached or even surpassed these figures this year. More than 600 individuals from over 20 countries have so far exchanged exact participation data. These numbers, according to our predictions, will rise rapidly over the next few years.

"We aim to surpass the 40,000 figure this year in the number of local and foreign visitors," said Aydın, noting that Turkey has several big cities and tourism brands. "We are excited to take on the new concepts of tourism, such as `city tourism`, `revenge tourism`, `sustainable travel ` with the industry`s representatives today, as the tourism sector has accelerated, with which we address changing world and evolving consumer trends and technological developments in the travel industry."