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The Tourism Sector Is Set To Meet at EMITT

Hyve Group, which brings thousands of foreign investors and domestic business partners together through the exhibitions it organizes, will host tourism professionals and holiday consumers at the EMITT Exhibitions for the 25th time on February 9 to 12.  25th EMITT - Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition, is being organized this year, under the corporate sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Airlines, in cooperation with the Turkish Federation of Hoteliers (TÜROFED) and the Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TTYD).  

EMITT plays an active role in the adoption of holiday concept and early booking advantages in our country, as well as contributing to the promotion of the country, the development and growth of the tourism sector. This year, EMITT, which is a sectoral school for both participants and consumers, will lead the sector with useful content and the partnerships that will create value for all participants. 
Noting that EMITT is one of the largest meeting points not only for the Turkish tourism sector, but also for the world tourism sector, EMITT Exhibition Director Hacer Aydın said “The countries that will take part in our exhibition will also strive to promote their countries with colorful events this year. EMITT is a platform introducing the cultural richness of all regions of Turkey. We will once again introduce all the regions of our country to the world through traditions unique to our own regions."  

We are more optimistic and hopeful about 2022

EMITT Exhibition Director Hacer Aydın, addressed her expectations of tourism in the year 2022 and noted that "Breaking all-time records in 2019 by hosting 45 million tourists and yielding 34,5 billion foreign currency inflow, our country experienced a loss of 69.14 percent in the number of tourists visiting and a loss of  65.1 percent in tourism revenue due to the pandemic and generated an income of 12 billion 59 million dollars in 2020. Opening the tourism season in June 2021, Turkey has made significant turns on both the number of tourists and tourism revenue in a short time. Despite the effects of the epidemic, we bid farewell to the year 2021 with 29 million tourists and a tourism revenue exceeding 24 billion dollars. We see an 83 percent increase in the number of visitors and a 100 percent increase in revenue in tourism compared to the previous year. We expect that more than 40 million tourists will visit our country and we will generate a tourism income of about 35 billion dollars through these visits in 2022. Finally, corporate travel trends are one of the important standing points for exhibitors. In general, some criteria need to be met for the positive transformation of exhibition tourism. In order for the exhibition tourism figures in 2019 to be reached, countries need to raise their vaccination levels, the travel permits issued by countries after the closure should be expanded, and the reworked budget structures should be positive. After two years of uncertainty, we can still not be 100% clear about what the future of travel will be, but we can look forward to a brighter horizon. Travel requirements, health and hygiene protocols, safety measures and sustainability will continue to be high on the agenda in 2022. Holiday lovers have started planning long-distance trips and much missed holidays again, but still outdoor activities and socially distanced events and destinations will also be at the forefront."

President of the Turkish Tourism Investors Association, Oya Doğan, expressed her thoughts about the EMITT – Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition and said  “Together with our stakeholders, to be a part of EMITT which makes useful contributions to the national and international dimensions of our country`s tourism for 25 years with its steady success and the added value it creates, brings pleasure to us." 

Doğan followed their thoughts with, "As the Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TTYD), we have made efforts to contribute to EMITT much more strongly in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, we contributed to the brand value of EMITT by holding the Tourism Investments Forum, which has been missing for many years in our country, just before EMITT in 2020. We will continue to work to ensure that EMITT becomes an international tourism phenomenon that is growing a little more every year, bringing our country`s tourism a little closer to its major goals.”

Odamax ETS, which is an important co-exhibitor company of 25th EMITT - East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibitor, stated "As one of the important platforms bringing together tourism professionals, EMITT is an important organization that provides many opportunities for the development and growth of the sector. The exhibition, which welcomes a large number of visitors from both Turkey and abroad, is also important for us because it provides the opportunity to bring together many business partners under one roof.” 

The exhibition, where the participants have the opportunity to increase their business volumes, will present country pavilions, holiday destinations, winter tourism and outdoor special departments, hotels, hotel support products, tour operators and agencies. EMITT visitors will also be able to examine the holiday destinations they choose and consider holiday options that are suitable for their budget thanks to early booking opportunities at the exhibition.

EMITT Will Host Health Tourism Professionals for the First Time 

The 25th EMITT Exhibition will host health tourism professionals for the first time this year. The EMITT Exhibition, which diversifies the tourism products and cooperation opportunities it provides to foreign buyers and visitors, aims to be the gateway of Turkey`s health tourism to the world.

In 2022, there is a goal and expectation of rapid growth in health tourism again as before. In the upcoming year, amongst the general goals of tourism in Turkey, it is projected to increase in the number of incoming tourists from 21.8 million to 32 million, and tourism income from 17 billion dollars to 25 billion dollars. As for health tourism, it is expected that 600 thousand patients will come and an income of 750 million dollars will be achieved through the objectives set.