5 - 7 February 2025 • TUYAP

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Why does Bilet Dükkanı prefer EMITT?

The leading tourism and travel exhibition in Turkey and the surrounding region, EMITT, is preparing to open its doors on February 6th.
Celebrating its 27th anniversary this year, EMITT is once again preparing to bring together tourism and travel industry under one roof. As leading companies and new players from the industry await EMITT’s visitors, we spoke to Ercan Uzman, CEO of Bilet Dükkanı, one of this year’s exhibitors, about their activities and why they have chosen EMITT for their business.

Can you tell us about your company and your activities?

Bilet Dükkanı, is a long-established company with 30 years of experience in tourism and also a technology firm that develops software technologies.
Thanks to the extensive technological infrastructure we offer to more than 3,000 travel agencies in 23 countries, we help our strategic partners manage work processes effectively. We offer thousands of flight options, hotel, transfer and vehicle rental services to our agencies and users quickly and with advantageous prices. We enable them to buy plane tickets in seconds via an easy interface by cooperating with leading distribution channels, charter providers and “low cost” airlines.
We offer a solution-oriented service 24/7 with our call center team of 30 and pay great attention to solving both our customers’ and agencies’ requests quickly and effectively. We work to offer a comfortable travel experience with our hundreds of solution partners. As a member of IATA, we continue to grow in a strong manner globally with our 7 different offices here and abroad.
In 2023, we decided to share our experience with consumers and actualized our online travel platform. With our “Smart Travel” motto, we provide a unique travel experience by offering plane tickets, accommodation, bus, transfer and rent a car services from a single address.

Why have you chosen EMITT for your business?

Among main reasons behind our decision in choosing EMITT, the fact that it is the leading exhibition in the region is the first one. With its increasing popularity every passing year and its events that lead the industry, EMITT is in a position of an important organization that brings together tourism representatives.

EMITT offers a unique platform to follow current trends in regional tourism, learn the latest developments in the industry and strengthen business connections. Therefore, exhibiting enables us to grasp valuable opportunities with regards to the industry and engage with other stakeholders in the industry.

What are your expectations from EMITT?

EMITT is an important event that brings together all our stakeholders for 4 days. EMITT offers the chance to find new business opportunities on both local and international levels. In addition to allowing us to follow current developments in the industry, it has a crucial role in helping us promote our new products, applications and technologies. We aim to continue our competitive edge by following innovations and to promote our featured products and services to a large audience. We believe EMITT will satisfy our expectations to experience industrial developments personally and strengthen our industrial network even more.
Why should industry professionals visit EMITT?
EMITT is an important event that brings together global tourism industry in a large perspective by gathering Turkish and international exhibitors. It has many advantages for industry professionals. It provides a rich platform to experts who want to follow current developments in the tourism industry. Attendees get the chance to get information about travel trends, changes in destinations and other critical topics in the industry while acquiring opportunities to learn and improve.
It is also a crucial platform to strengthen business connections and engage with other professionals in the industry. It offers unique opportunities through providing an effective platform for building new business partnerships and expanding one’s network.
What is your evaluation of the past year of tourism industry? Do you have any predictions for 2024?
Tourism industry is liable to yearly changing dynamics and various inclinations. According to the latest data from Turkish Statistical Institute, tourism revenue increased by 20,1% in the first 9 months of last year and was $41,999,592,000. We also see that the number of people who visited our country was 44,6 million. This is an impressive result for 2023 where we experienced important and critical processes like the earthquake and an election.

Nowadays, we see that tourism industry too is going through important changes under the influence of technology. Innovative ideas such as virtual reality, customized products merging with technology play critical roles in creating awareness in the industry. In this context, not just buying the technology but investing in technology and creative ideas will become an important strategy for those who want to shine in the industry. In this period, we believe that those who wait patiently will reap the fruits of their efforts in technology and innovation.

Again, we expect tourism to be the driving force in Turkey in 2024. Even though there’s a deceleration in the general expansion, consumers will continue to resist. We predict that Turkey and Egypt will be among popular destinations in 2024.

EMITT 2024 is opening its door on February 6th. Complete your visitor registration today to meet Bilet Dükkanı and many more.